Puglia is known primarily for two things: amazing food, and amazing beaches. 

So, let's start with the food! Fertile land, fresh ingredients, and simple cooking are what have made this region the epitome of the Mediterranean diet. Land-based dishes can be enjoyed in an agriturismo (rural agricultural tourism retreats), while the freshest local catch is waiting for you just about anywhere interspersed in the sprawling beaches and coastline. But don't fret, fried specialties such as panzerotti (folded and fried pizza) or pasticciotto (the best custard filled donut ever?!) will balance out your nearly too-healthy diet...after all, this is a vacation! One trademark of Puglia in particular is the masseria. Historically, masseria are particular farm houses that combined living with food production and vending. Today many of these ancient structures have been renovated and altered, continuing the tradition of a several-hours long procession of farm-to-table food while also frequently offering former familial living spaces as lodging, all set in the lush and rustic countryside.

Within Puglia you will find Gargano National Park, an extensive protected area measuring 460 square miles that is known for its array of timeless land and seascapes. A feature of Gargano is the trabucco, a wooden structure that is cantilevered from the rocky shore out over the water to facilitate fishing. Over time this type of structure has lost its original economic function and has now been transformed into a cultural symbol, though you can today dine in restaurants right in front of a trabucco.